Restorative Healing and Hope

Healing Perspective Therapy

“You cannot win the war against the world if you can’t win the war against your own mind.”

– Will Smith

Restore, Grow, and Most Importantly Heal

Are you struggling? Anxiety and Stress can easily make us feel overwhelmed and uncertain. Therapy provides a safe, healing space where you can breathe, restore, and even grow. If you need a quiet rejuvenating space for restorative healing and hope my door is open, come in and join me.

As a therapist. I guide client self-discovery toward uncovering an authentic version of the self. Gently learning from past conditioning and experiences while easing into a restored person enables true healing. We can start now, where you are today, by stepping out of the anxiety, depression, and past trauma into the life you have ahead of you.

Realities of Therapy

Common Therapy Myth: Once a survivor always a survivor. Talk therapy really doesn’t help.

Talk therapy is only a bridge to lead you toward your greatest healing goals. It is a tool that allows you to rid the body of stored and trapped emotions. Therapy additionally provides a wealth of resources which can be explored in addition to the verbal release. To heal we must allow the body to remember and then release. Walking out of the survivor mindset allows you freedoms to build anew. Establishing boundaries builds a foundation for future success. Therapy is your tool toward a stronger, richer wholeness, and perspective. As a gradually guide – these steps lead you toward letting it out, letting it go, and learning a new way. Your healing path, your goals, and your life are immensely valuable and worth the effort.

Brigitte Crowell, LCSW

Healing Perspective Therapy

Healing Perspective Therapy
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Suicide Prevention: 800-273-8255
County of Orange OC Links (Mental Health Information): 855-625-4657
The National Center for PTSD
The American Psychological Association (Depression) 
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration